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There are three major phases involved when initiating a CAD/RMS Procurement project.  Waterhole's experienced consultants will guide the agency through each of these phases from ensuring that the project is built on a solid foundation, to ensuring that the contract with the vendor results in a successful project.

Project Envisioning


Project governance must be both lightweight while strong enough to support a project that is likely take 24-36 months until completion.  Part of this governance is ensuring that every part of the agency that is impact by the system changes are represented throughout the project.

Functional Analysis


Most agencies have become so complex that there is no single person that understands all of the inner workings of an agency.  This phases seeks to understand current business practices while considering ways to improve practices.  It culimates with a set of functional and non-functional requirements.

Contract Negotiation

Once the RFP is issued, agencies must understand gaps between the capabilities of the systems proposed by software providers and their own business requirements. Ensuring that critical needs are met and addressed in the contract is essential to ensuring the project meets expectations.

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