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Exceeding our clients' expectations with high-quality work is always our number one priority.   Ever since we were founded, we have had the opportunity to provide consulting services to all types of organizations across the United States. 


Some of our high-profile projects have supported the following organizations:


  • Arizona Criminal Justice Commission

  • Arizona Department of Public Safety

  • International Association of Chiefs of Police

  • Palm Beach County (FL) Sheriff's Office

  • Aurora (IL) Police Department

  • Yonkers (NY) Police Department

  • National Center for State Courts

  • National Institute of Justice


Waterhole Justice Consulting works with all levels of government and all justice domains - from law enforcement to courts. 




We are a resource you can hire for your next project. 


For more information about how to hire us for your next project or to just have a simple discussion about your project or agency's needs, please contact us


We're always glad to have a conversation with you.


CAD/RMS Needs Assessment

Waterhole Justice Consulting has completed joint requirements development sessions with all portions of with the Aurora (IL) Police Department to determine needs and identify functional requirements.


CAD/RMS Full-Cycle Services

Waterhole Jusice Consulting has provided business process analysis, RFP development, RFP Response Selection, and Implementation Project management to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.  We are currently serving as an advocate and project manager on the PBSO’s multi-million dollar technology initiative.





Waterhole Jusice Consulting provides NIEM consulting services to all organizations from courts to law enforcement. 


Waterhole Jusice Consulting is providing consulting services on multiple NICS implementations to  support the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission, Arizona Department of Public Safety, the Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts and other state and local agencies throughout the state.  From prototype implementation and improving criminal history records to streamling the transmission of arrest warrant information. 


CAD/RMS and the IACP

Waterhole Justice Consulting was hired by the International Association of Chiefs of Police to develop the Law Enforcement RMS Functional Requirements Version II document and the Project Manager's Guide to Law Enforcement CAD/RMS Acquisition.  We were also brought on to conduct  a series of nationwide trainings on CAD/RMS under the IACP TTAP Program. 




American Bar Association

Waterhole Justice Consulting was hired to provide the ABA with a technical solution for capturing and presenting Collateral Consequences.  Capturing was accomplished with a customized Microsoft SharePoint site.  Presentation/distribution to the public was accomplished with a custom coded Java, JSP, and Java Servlets running on Apache Tomcat.  This project was awarded to the ABA by the National Institute of Justice.. 




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