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Project Management

Waterhole Justice Consulting offers project management services to justice organizations around the nation. Once project implementation begins, your selected vendor will assign their own project manager.  However, their responsibility is to serve the best interest of their employer, not your agency.  Consequently, agencies will often engage our services to help oversee the implementation of complicated CAD or RMS system installations - acting as the Agency's advocate by ensuring that promised deliverables have been met and coordinating installation, training and ongoing support with the vendor. Our team of experienced Public Safety project managers can either augment existing project management staff or provide oversite and management of an entire project.

Project Planning


Project planning utilizes a series of interlocking tools such as the project schedule, project managers log and on-line issue tracking tools. Always, the goal of project planning is to ensure that risks are identified early on and mitigated quickly.  Use of issue tracking tools is essential to success in managing issues and communicating challenges to the entire project team.

System Testing


In our experience, robust testing is often where agencies fail to ensure that the new system will meet the standards and expectations of the agency.  At a miniumum, every agency regardless of how large or small, should test deployment, functionality, performance, and failover before going live.  Test scripts should be created and executed by agency personnel.  The test scripts should evaluate every piece of functionality identified in the functional requirements issues for the RFP.

Go-Live Planning

Planning for system go-live is also often overlooked.  This planning includes coordinating training for business and technical personnel.  A good plan will also address the handoff from the software provider and/or the contract project manager to in-house staff.

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